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Open your MS Word and apply the following format:

Page Layout:

a. Size – 8.5 by 13 inches;

b. Margins – Normal, 1 inch all sides;

c. Font and Font size – any easily readable font, font size 14 is recommended; and

d. Spacing - Single Space.

When the layout is complete, just follow the following sample: 



This Deed of absolute sale made and entered in the City/Province of ________ on the ___ day of ________, by and between:

(SELLER'S COMPLETE NAME), (Civil Status), legal age, Filipino, and a resident of (Complete Address), Philippines, (if the seller has an agent or representative, his/her details shall be put here as well, and the details of the notarized Special Power of Attorney: (duly represented by her attorney-in-fact (Agent's Name) by virtue of a Special Power of Attorney dated _________, and acknowledged and entered into the Notarial Registry of Atty. ______________, as Doc. No. ___; Page No. ____; Book No.____; Series of _____)), hereinafter referred to as the FIRST PARTY/SELLER;


(BUYER'S COMPLETE NAME), (Civil Status), of legal age, Filipino and resident of (Complete Address), Philippines, hereinafter referred to as the SECOND PARTY/BUYER;

W I T N E S S E T H :     

That the FIRST PARTY/SELLER is the owner of a parcel of land particularly described as follows: 


“A parcel of land... (Put the description here as found in the monuments of title)"     Containing an Area of _____(in words)_____________________ (in figures) Square Meters, more or less.    

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the total sum of _______________________________ (P_________.00), Philippine Currency, the FIRST PARTY/SELLER hereby unconditionally and absolutely sell, convey and transfer, free from all liens and encumbrances unto its successors and assigns, the aforementioned _______________________________ (___________) Square Meters, parcel of land and the SECOND PARTY/BUYER hereby buys the same from the FIRST PARTY/SELLER subject to the following terms and conditions, to wit:

  1. The principal and total consideration in the amount of _____________________ (P_________.00), Philippine Currency, is to be paid in full upon execution of this agreement, which receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged upon signing of this deed;
  2. The FIRST/PARTY SELLER shall be responsible for the payment of Acknowledgment and Notarial Fees before a Notary Public; and
  3. The SECOND PARTY/BUYER shall be responsible for Capital Gains Taxes, Documentary Stamp Taxes and all other Transfer Taxes insofar as the subject parcel of land is concerned.

     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the PARTIES have hereunto set their hands this ____ day of ___________, in the City/Province of _________, Philippines.

(Signed)JUAN DELA CRUZ                           (Signed) JOHN DOE

FIRST PARTY/SELLER                                     SECOND PARTY/BUYER 

ID NO. (Government Issued ID)                         ID NO. (Government Issued ID) 

Signed in the presence of:

(complete name of witness and signature)                    (complete name of witness and signature)


Republic of the Philippines) 

City of _____________________) S.S 

X- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - X               

     BEFORE ME, a Notary Public in and for the City of ___________, this ____________, personally appeared the above-named parties identified by exhibiting to me their above competent identity below their respective written name known to me and to me known to the same persons who executed the foregoing  Deed of Absolute Sale affecting the aforementioned parcel of land, which instrument they acknowledged to me to be their own free and voluntary act and deed.           This instrument refers to a “Deed of Absolute Sale” consisting of _____ (__) pages including this page where the acknowledgment is written and has been signed by the parties and their instrumental witnesses on each and every page.               WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL this __________, at___________, Philippines.

Doc. No. ____;      

Page No. ____;                                                        NOTARY PUBLIC

Book No. ____; 

Series of 202_. 


Here is a downloadable free sample of a Deed of Absolute Sale 

Deed of Absolute Sale 01
Deed of Absolute Sale 02

When everything is done, print at least four (4) copies and the same must acknowledged by the parties to the Notary Public.

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